Salamanca Market Stallholders Association

Join the Salamanca Market Stallholders Association

We encourage all stallholders to become members of our thriving stallholders’ association. With your participation and feedback we can achieve so much more for all stakeholders of the Salamanca Market.

To become a member, please complete a Membership Application Form.

The SMSA Inc. exists to promote and protect the interests of Salamanca Market stallholders. It keeps its members informed and members can contribute to the debate in many ways.

FAQ - Who can join the Salamanca Market Stallholders Association?

SMSA Inc. membership is available to all Salamanca Market Stallholders – both Licensed and Casual.

FAQ - How much does it cost to join the Salamanca Market Stallholders Association?

The annual cost of an SMSA Inc. membership subscription is only $10.

FAQ - How do I join?

You can join by downloading, completing and returning the Membership Application form.


FAQ - How does the SMSA Inc. consult with and inform its members?

The SMSA Inc. consults with its member through regular meetings and occasional surveys. It also distributes a newsletter to keep members informed of activities and campaigns.