Salamanca Market Stallholders Association

SMSA Committee Meetings

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month, 6:30 pm New Sydney Hotel, 87 Bathurst St, Hobart.

All stallholders are welcome, but please email before attending due to social distancing rules and in case of any time/date changes.

SMSA Constitution

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Salamanca Market Code of Stallholder Conduct

The Code of Stallholder Conduct has been developed to inspire community confidence in Salamanca
Market, to help maintain and raise the standards of our Market relative to other markets, to
encourage the pursuit of excellence, and generally to promote Salamanca Market’s reputation.
Adherence to this code is required of all Stallholders, both Licensed and Casual.

Click the link below to view or download the Salamanca Stallholder Code of Conduct.
 Code of Stallholder Conduct


On Monday 19th October, SMSA signed an historic MOU with the Hobart City Council. This event is significant as there has not been a MOU in place since 2002!. The MOU is groundbreaking, in that HCC has agreed to reinvest an annual one percent of stallholder fees back into the SMSA.
This is recognition that there is need for a more professional business model for stallholder representation than what has existed for decades. We will now have funds to offer stallholders better representation through: – the employment of a Project Officer to take over some of the duties of the current Secretary, and further manage and develop communication.

  • offer places for stallholders at training courses for small business people.
  • make connections with other groups with similar interests as the SMSA, eg the Waterfront Business Community.
  • approach UTAS to conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys to provide long overdue data on the economic value of The Salamanca Market.

In all, one small step for the SMSA, a giant step forward which will underpin our future relationship with HCC.

Download a copy of the MOU!

SMSA on the Casual Stallholders Selection Panel

The SMSA has been invited by HCC to take part in the Casual Stallholders selection panel.  We consider this a sign of markedly improved relations with our managing body, and have welcomed this partnership.  It has allowed a SMSA representative to provide valuable insight as well as on-the-ground knowledge into the process.